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Teeth Whitening in Grand Blanc

What Causes Teeth to Become Stained and Discolored?
Having a beautiful, white smile is so important when it comes to our relationships, either business or personal. A gorgeous smile can help improve our appearance, as well as our self-confidence and self-esteem. However, sometimes your teeth can become yellow, stained, or discolored over time because of a variety of factors. What causes teeth to become stained and discolored?

Some medications may cause staining or discoloration on our teeth. They may have more of a yellow tinge to them, and this can make many individuals self-conscious. We may not have a choice when it comes to removing the medications from our health regimen, so we need to find a way to address the side effects of yellowed teeth.

Food and Drinks
Many foods and drinks are acidic and have extremely strong colors to them, which can, over time, cause discoloration to our teeth. Red wine, tea, coffee, and soda are all common reasons why our teeth may become discolored, as many of us enjoy these beverages daily. Foods that are high in acid such as berries can also cause discoloration as well.

Yellowing and staining is often linked with habits such as smoking and chewing tobacco. Regular use of these products may cause yellowing and discoloration of our teeth over time.

Many of us may be genetically disposed to having less attractive teeth. We may be born with teeth that are not nearly as white as our friends and coworkers, and may spend our lives struggling with a less-than-perfect smile.

No matter what the reason for the discoloration, teeth whitening may be the perfect way to address the problem and reverse the staining and discoloration that you are experiencing. Dr. Burau of Cosmetic and High Tech Family Dentistry in Grand Blanc can help you address discolored teeth with teeth whitening either in-office or at home. Call today to schedule a consultation appointment and find out the best way to get your teeth back to their natural brilliance!