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Meet the Doctors


Meet Dr. Scott Burau

Dr. Scott Burau

A Love for My Patients’ Healthy, Beautiful Smiles

I was inspired, early on, to become a dentist. When my father would return home from a day at the practice, he would always speak so highly about his career. My mother, a hygienist in the practice, was equally as passionate about her days in the office. Becoming a dentist seemed natural to me. I’ve been practicing for 27 years now, and have loved every moment of it.

I enjoy working with all our patients, and seeing families come in and grow over the years. My father cared for a lot of our older patients and now we treat them and their families. I think that’s one of the most wonderful things about our practice: we’re a family that cares for other families.

I really enjoy working with our older patients. Seeing someone who has dentures that have never fit properly, or are unattractive, and being able to help them, is rewarding. I find it fulfilling to change their perceptions about dental care and their smile.

Each of my patients is important to me. I am glad to spend my days helping them improve their smiles and lives.

Education and Continuing Education

The ongoing developments in technology and treatments mean I am able to provide better care and stronger results for my patients. It seems that every day there are new options available, and I want to learn about them. By taking many hours of continuing education, I’m able to stay abreast of those changes, to the benefit of our patients.

Professional Memberships

Personal Life

I was born and raised here in Grand Blanc. My wife Lisa and I have three children: Adam, Ellie, and Lucy. Adam attends  Miami Ohio University . He’s an avid tennis player, and the first of our kids to leave home. Ellie, our daughter, is a junior at Grand Blanc High School and loves dancing at a local dance studio several nights a week. Lucy is in the eighth grade. She’s extremely competitive and a fantastic athlete who excels at tennis and basketball. Our family is rounded out by our dog, Oliver, who’s a complete ham.

I love playing sports with Lucy and Adam, and supporting Ellie at her competitions. Staying healthy is important to me, and I work out daily. I enjoy coaching the Grand Blanc boys varsity tennis team with Dr. Brad and our other coaches! I also participate in a ski racing league at Mt. Holly, along with my brother. We’re always competing to see who’s faster!

Lucy Burau (Dr. Scott’s daughter) watching him work.
Dr. Scott's family at a Michigan game.
Dr. Scott's son, Adam, dressed as toothpaste.

Meet Dr. Brad Burau

Dr. Brad Burau

A Love for My Patients and Their Smiles

My father came home from work every night and was filled with stories about his patients, his staff, and the work everyone did. My mother was a hygienist and also worked in the practice. She shared his enthusiasm for dental care and how it helped people. Growing up in that environment made me want to explore dentistry as a profession. I’ve been practicing for 30 years and have no doubt I made the right decision.

I enjoy working with all my patients. No matter what their needs, I am able to make a difference for them: a difference that can last a lifetime.

I’m particularly drawn to the smile makeovers we do. It’s amazing what a difference a confident, healthy smile makes in a person’s appearance. What’s even more incredible is how it affects people’s lives. I had a patient we did a smile makeover on: When he came back six months later for his regular cleaning, he told me how everyone kept telling him how he was friendlier and happier. He actually had received two promotions at his work! He said he was the same person, but his new smile had caused him to smile more than he ever had.

I am glad to spend my days changing lives for the better, and truly cannot imagine a more rewarding profession than being a dentist.

Education and Continuing Education

Now is an incredible time to be practicing dentistry. The ongoing changes in techniques and technology mean better care experiences and incredible results for my patients. Each year I take many hours of continuing education courses in order to remain current on the developments. We are constantly updating our office with new technology and offering more procedures for our patients. Combining modern care with a personalized approach means the best treatment for our patients. I’m glad we can deliver that.

Professional Memberships

Personal Life

I was born in Louisiana, when my parents were in the Army, but I’ve lived in Grand Blanc for most of my life. My wife Mary Yana and I have three children: Sasha, Alex, and Zach. Sasha has a master’s in business administration and works in our office; her husband Dan is in dental school at the University of Southern Illinois. My son Alex is also in dental school, at Midwestern University. Zach, my youngest son, is a high school senior who loves tennis.

Family is my priority outside of work, though I also enjoy working out and playing golf. Dr. Scott and I also enjoy coaching the Grand Blanc boys varsity tennis team. During the winter months, I’m part of a ski racing league up at Mt. Holly. My brother Scott, the other dentist in our practice, is in the same league: it’s always a tossup for who is the fastest!


Meet Dr. Daniel Meyer

Dr. Daniel Meyer joined our team in June 2016 and is a graduate of the University of Southern Illinois School of Dental Medicine. He is originally from Naperville, Illinois and attended Hope College for his undergraduate degree. He is also a member of the family and is Dr. Brad's son-in-law. 





Dr. Brad and Dr. Scott at the regional tennis tournament with their sons, Adam and Zach
Dr. Brad working on Dr. Scott with Tina. Dr. Scott’s son, Adam was observing that day!
Dr. Brad's family.
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