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Dentist Grand Blanc, Grand Blanc General and Cosmetic Dentistry
Dentist Grand Blanc, Grand Blanc General and Cosmetic Dentistry
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Crowns and Bridges

Dental Crowns and Bridges Grand Blanc
Dental Crowns and Bridges Grand Blanc
When tooth decay has progressed past the point where fillings are effective, a crown may be necessary. Crowns are extremely effective in situations such as:
  • When a tooth is broken
  • When a tooth has been significantly weakened by decay
  • When a large filling must be replaced
  • When a dental implant has been placed
  • When a dental bridge is needed
A dental crown is a restoration which completely encircles (or caps) the tooth. The surface of the tooth is reduced to allow for the thickness of the crown. After impressions are made of the mouth, a crown is precisely fabricated of porcelain, metal, or a combination (depending on whether it is for an anterior or posterior placement) to fit perfectly. With normal care – brushing, flossing, and regular cleanings – crowns are durable and long-lasting. They function and look just like a natural tooth.

Even dentists do not have perfect teeth. For example, Dr. Brad has a crown because of a hockey injury. As a result, we are very conscious of how you feel during your procedure. We ensure your comfort during appointments when you are receiving dental work for your crown. You can even watch movies during a procedure to make the appointment more enjoyable.

As mentioned above, a crown may also be used as a part of bridgework. A bridge is typically placed for a patient who is missing a tooth or several teeth. It provides a permanent solution and restores proper chewing capability. A bridge uses the teeth on each side of the gap to support an artificial substitute. Crowns are placed on the adjacent teeth, and a false tooth is situated in the space. As with any procedure, we make sure that the patient is completely comfortable before, during and after the work is performed.

There is no need to live with cracked, broken or missing teeth. Speak with your dentist to restore your smile with a crown or bridge.
Crowns and Bridges
Crowns and Bridges
"Service was done friendly and professionally. Crowns were done quickly and with concern for my comfort. The office was very accommodating to my schedule. A pleasure to go to this dentist!"
by JD on 02/20/2012